Crypto trading for the people

Never tried trading because it's too complex?

Overwhelmed by all the technical words.

Sick of candles?

You just want to trade, we built a tool for you. Without all the technical bullshit that helps nothing in crypto trading anyway.

An interface on top of exchanges

CryptoRiot offers market orders as a default.

Just move the slider and hit SELL or BUY. The app takes care of the rest.

Have an overview of all the trades you made directly in the chart. No need to look somewhere else.

No cloud, no signup. The exchange API-Key stays on your phone.

Get at the top of the 7 day Highscore

Share your success or epic fails.

Join the Highscore, choose a name and show your skills.

The Highscore shows your 7 day performance across all coins. No matter how much you trade. Performance is calculated in percent.

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Download the app and join the CryptoRiot crowd.

Let's show the whales some good trades.